The ultimate in ocean ski paddling has to be the ‘downwind’ experience.  Imagine having the equivalent of a chair lift that takes you to the top of a mountain, so you only have to do the fun bit and paddle home?  Well now you have it.  Welcome to the Icon Adventures!

Hop on board our 40 foot boat.  Enjoy a trip out to sea whilst sipping hot coffee and chatting to your paddling buddies before your downwind adventure.  By the end of it your freshly cooked mackerel and eggs will be a well-deserved treat!

Icon Atlantic

Half Day:
If the wind is blowing favourably we will be heading straight out to sea into the headwind for about 18km. We’ll then be chasing the runners and boat home whilst our Captain is preparing the fresh mackerel and his home made chili sauce! Be prepared for an early start if you’re on the morning run as we’ll be leaving Ilfracombe Harbour at 6.30am sharp! No better way to start the day than catching the first swells and sunrise! For those of you that like a lie in. There is the late afternoon option. The sunsets are pretty good as well.

Full Day:
This is a real Atlantic experience! We’ll be heading out to find deep sea ocean runners. First stop, 18km West of Lundy Island – pure uninterrupted ocean runners to hone your ocean skills. By mid-day we’ll be anchored in Lundy Island Bay for a well-deserved rest. You may even like to try a spot of snorkelling with the local seals or try to outwit them and catch their fish!

Once you’re fed and ready to go we’ll be enjoying a 20km downwind paddle back to Ilfracombe Harbour to end the day.

Icon Discovery

This is a great opportunity to explore the North Devon coastline and get some practice in for the Icon Classic. If the weather isn’t suitable or you don’t fancy heading out into the Atlantic this could be the option for you. The Icon Discovery is a half day trip (morning or afternoon) that will work around the tides and wind to ensure you get a ‘downwind’ experience. Again, we have the luxury of our 40 foot boat to drop us up wind of Ilfracombe harbour. Don’t worry, it doesn’t all have to be flat out paddling. There will be time to stop and look at some of the most stunning coastline you could imagine. Most Icon Classic competitors are amazed by the coast line when they see the post-race pictures!

Icon Adventures 2015 Tariff

Icon Atlantic – Full Day

  • 06:30 departure from Ilfracombe Harbour.
  • Coffee & snacks / lunch / snorkelling / fishing included.
  • Approx. 18k paddle back to Lundy.
  • Approx. 20k paddle back to Ilfracombe.
  • 17:00 arrival back at Ilfracombe Harbour.
  • Minimum of 3 people
  • 3 people £300 pp.
  • 4 people £225 pp.
  • 5 people £180 pp.
  • + £50pp ski hire if required

Icon Atlantic & Discovery half day
06.30 departure from Ilfracombe Harbour.
Coffee & snacks / post paddle food included.
Approx. 18k paddle back to Ilfracombe.

  • 1 person in a double for tuition £350
  • 1 person £310
  • 2 people £160 pp
  • 3 people £110 pp
  • 4 people £85 pp
  • 5 people £70 pp.
  • + £50 ski hire if required

Minimum safety requirements
Each paddler must sign a waiver form stating they can swim and remount their ski.
Each paddler will have to provide proof of their paddling ability and that they can remount their ski.

Minimum safety kit required by each paddler:

  • Fluro pfd
  • Fluro cap
  • Leg leash
  • Flare
  • Appropriate paddling kit for conditions
  • Each paddler must have fluid / snack on them

A buddy system will be used at all times to make sure paddlers don’t get separated too far from each other.
Personal skis will be inspected before going on the boat at start of trip

All trips are dependent on weather conditions and may need to be altered, postponed or cancelled. Refunds payable if trip has to be cancelled.

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